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#with their (past) rivalry would think there would be little rough and tough thing going on
#Beauty and the bee
Anonymous sent: Before Bee Knockout used to like getting wrecked by the biggest mechs, he loved the feeling of having his valve stretched way beyond it's capability and having the overload of the bigger mech flowing down his inner thighs. Now he does that to Bumblebee and understands the satisfactory feeling of wrecking up someone's valve.

Yes, bigger, dominant Knock Out on Bee, taking him on so hard the bug will feel it after a week!
Plus, i think Bee would like getting handled by Knock Out

These two are a treat

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#like father like son right
#sorry sorry but i just
#Beauty and the bee
#well just mildly tho but still
Anonymous sent: KO and Bee are getting things heated up back at base and Bee's like Ko we can't do it here someone's going to see, and KO's like shhh don't worry, just be quiet and no one will hear. And then Optimus busts through and is like 'BuMLBEBEE I've TAugHT you BetTER tAHN THATt. >:U'

Pfff perfect, but i first thought about something like this


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#YES we can you have waited so long for this
#i hope you like it
primeling sent: Ms. Missy, could you do some really fluffy and sexy Megatron/Optimus for us? :D


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#Beauty and the bee
#Tease that bot so much he will beg
Anonymous sent: When it's Bee's turn to top he likes to hear Knockout gasping for breath, hear his little whimpers and cute crying hiccups. He teases KO and prolongs their reach to overload because of that reason.

Yes, please, this is good!

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Anonymous sent: Ratchet is working late into the night and Optimus walks into his lab and strikes up a convo trying to get Ratchet to get some rest but the old Medic won't have any of it. So OP goes right up behind Ratchet and hugs him around the waist and kisses the back of his neck cables. Ratchet, you should really come to bed. Optimus whispers in between kisses

All i wanted for them was a happy ending together. Like this, oh my gosh

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#Precious babies i like this
Anonymous sent: When his dare is over, I bet KO has to help Bee out of the jeans

BB: “Knock Out help me get out of these ridicilous things now!”
KO: “Alright alright.” *takes out his saw hand*
BB:”……WELL ACTUALLY they look pretty great on me right?!”

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#i bet that face is amazing
#and the noises he would make ooo~
#i dont care who is on top or bottom there just should be more
Anonymous sent: Knockout likes being lazy bottom because he can see Bee in action better and Bumblebee's thighs are easier to touch and stroke. Not only that but Bee makes the best overload face. It brings KO to his own load.

There really should be more Knock Out/Bumblebee bang bang.
There really should.

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#give em bumble thighs some glory
#thsi si precious
Anonymous sent: I have a funny to tell. Ok, so bee plays truth or dare with the kids. He picks dare. and he ends up being dared to wear skinny jeans which keep him from pretty much doing anything. His squatting or bending down limit is an inch. (Plus the skinny jeans are re-enforced metal so they won't break easily.)

Pfft, hah, i can see him trying to walk around in those things, beeping curse words, waving his servos and fluttering his winds trying to get forward!

But really i think his legs would look rather good in such things

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#omg yes please
#Beauty and the bee
Anonymous sent: Knockout likes rough sex with bumblebee and they always manage to break something so this time Knockout cuffs Bee's hands together. Needlessly Bee breaks the cuffs and rides Knockout into overload



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#im os sorry this took so long i have been really busy but i hope you like it
#reallly sorry this took so long
Anonymous sent: Mmm, is it possible to see some OP and Ratchet kisses?


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is this heaven





is this heaven

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Anonymous sent: Bumble is on a scouting mission and he is running from a stray mech when he almost hits you while your walking down the street, so he transformers and jump rolls over you and turns back to ask you if your okay.

Aaaah there goes my bea

What a sweetheart he really is, a darling~

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#Beauty and the bee
#KO would probably just stand there lik uh ok
Anonymous sent: I have a headcannon that Bumblebee would get so EXTREMELY jealous that his rival Stinger is flirting with Knock Out and saying stuff like "Hey there hot stuff, your paint job looks so fine just like mine " IDK how Knock Out would react though.

Yes, Bumblebee and his red bot rivals/friends is one of my favourite things

He would probably punch the heck out of Stinger there alongside with a witty comment

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#there they are
#good episode very good for these two
#Knock Out


Tunnel vision

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